Are You Feeling Dissatisfied In Your Personal Life – Even When Things Are Going Well For You?

Do you find yourself perpetually questioning the decisions you make? Are you worried that the person you know or think you are isn’t the person that others see? Perhaps you are suffering in your personal life, trying to find meaning in your current situation and relationships. Do you feel like there is a gap between who you are expected to be and who you want to be? Do you desire personal development and growth, but don’t know where to start?

Who and what you are is a question worthy of exploration. Even if you never fully grasp the complexity of who you innately are, the exploration of the self and subsequent growth is significant. Personal exploration allows you to get in touch with what really matters to you. When you better understand yourself, your needs and your desires, it becomes possible to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

You Can Choose How You Experience Each Moment

Life events happen whether you are ready for them or not. You can choose to be in the immediacy of the experience and enjoy the ride, or you can fight against what is happening and suffer through increased challenges. External circumstances can and will impact you, and some of these can be devastating. But even then, you have a choice to be present with and accepting of your inner experience instead of trying to change it.

If you needed to cross a desert you could pave a road, bending the world to meet your needs. Or, if you are open to change, you could craft sandals and adapt to your circumstances. Trying to change your experience is an inefficient use of energy that tends to contract, rather than relieve, the pain you are feeling. The good news, however, is with the right personal counselor you can learn to live within each moment, finding your path to personal development and growth.

Personal Development Through Individual Counseling Can Help You Reach Your True Potential

A majority of humans live their lives based on internalized ideas about what they should do and who they should be. Knowing yourself is a valuable step in your search for fulfillment, but it is not an easy one. Living a life in line with who you truly are is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Breathing, awareness and compassion can help you experience each moment as it happens without judgment or self-criticism. You may discover that your experiences are constantly changing, opening up new levels of self-awareness. Who you think you are can begin to shift as you experience yourself and your circumstances in new ways.

Your upbringing and previous development may impact your sense of self. prior to engaging in your inner journey, the human sense of self can be very rigid – and the experience of reality very painful – when it does not conform to the inflexible schemas we hold about it. You may currently see reality through the emotional, mental and physical patterns you developed in your upbringing, limiting your freedom of perception and action. The more you know and understand these patterns, however, the freer you are to act in ways that support your development.

In sessions with our therapists you can learn to identify and transform the obstacles that are limiting your true potential. It is possible for you to develop self-knowledge, mindfulness and other competencies to help you navigate challenging situations and difficult emotions. We will do our best to approach each session in response to your unique personal development needs in each moment. Through the use of mindfulness you can begin to accept the moment you are in and become more aware of your thought processes and patterns. By developing mindfulness and self-exploration you can begin to understand yourself and your circumstances on new and deeper levels.

Seeing and challenging the patterns with which you identify so deeply can be difficult. It can be scary to open yourself to change, particularly when it challenges your beliefs of who you are. As humans, our inherent nature is to grow and develop to our truest potential, however, many of the patterns we develop as a consequence of interacting with our caregivers and society act as obstacles to this intrinsic growth. Our skillful and compassionate therapists will help you recognize these patterns, and in time, with your present awareness, they may begin to loosen. The more you understand and break free of engrained tendencies, the more you can embody your freedom of action and experience. You may be surprised how much your capacity to be in the world – in each moment – expands as you continue to remove inner obstacles.

You may still have questions about seeking individual counseling for personal development…

Counseling is only for people with mental health problems…

Although it is true that individual counseling can help people with mental health difficulties, you do not need to have a diagnosable disorder to benefit from counseling. If you want to develop your potential and increase self-awareness, counseling can be an invaluable help.

Millions of individuals seek therapy every year – many for personal growth and development. we are here to help you reach your personal development goals. Additionally, our sessions are completely confidential, and the only ones who will know you are attending counseling are those you choose to inform.

I don’t have time to go to counseling. I am too busy…

Setting aside one hour a week for your personal development can be one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself. It is easy to become caught up in the endless rat race for status and profit, and your inherent capacity for self-development can be trampled by this unnatural way of being. Individual counseling can offer a moment of calm where you can be in the moment, away from work and external conflict. When you take time to know yourself better, you can begin to arrange your life in ways that support your personal development and foster a deeper sense of meaningfulness.

I can’t afford individual counseling. It’s too expensive.

Individual counseling is an investment in your personal development. Discontent and unhappiness in your personal life can lead to stress, anxiety or depression. Keeping your mind and spirit healthy and learning to live in each moment can save you money on future counseling treatment, as well as potential medical expenses. Like a gym membership for your inner self, individual counseling is a method you can use to improve your overall well-being, leading to a more fulfilling and productive life.

Give Yourself the Gift of Self

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