Are You Seeking the Benefits of Inner Personal Work or Mindfulness Coaching Without the Commitment of Weekly Sessions With a Counselor?

Do you find yourself wanting more out of your daily experiences, even when your life is going well? Perhaps there are areas in your life where you know you need further development. Or maybe you simply want to know yourself better. Are you seeking personal growth, but you do not want to – or cannot – commit to regular sessions with a counselor or therapist? In that case, you may benefit from developmental mindfulness coaching.

Personal exploration and self-discovery allow you to identify, explore and address what is truly important in your life. When you prioritize your inner development through a mindfulness practice, you can learn to view each moment for the potential it offers, rather than the obstacles it may produce. Through mindfulness coaching, you can enjoy the freedom of living in the present while continuing to work toward your personal goals.

Mindfulness to Achieve Personal Growth

Physical appearance and well-being are highly valued in our society, and an abundance of workout facilities and training regimens make it easy to begin working toward your physical goals. The path to developing your inner self, however, can be less clear. You may recognize there are obstacles that limit your potential, and while weekly counseling might help, it may seem too time-consuming or expensive given your situation right now. Mindfulness coaching can be an effective, alternative path for your personal growth and development.

Developmental Mindfulness Coaching Can Help You Overcome the Obstacles in Your Path

As a developmental mindfulness coaches with a clinical backgrounds, our clinicians integrate mindfulness with several other approaches to conceptualize and create a plan of action for your unique situation. We can help you identify the challenges and obstacles that limit your potential as we establish observable, measurable goals to assess your progress. When you recognize the obstacles limiting your potential, you can begin to develop your capacities instead of reacting to challenges as they occur.

In our sessions, We can help you develop a sense of self-control as well as expand your self-concept. Together we can uncover the blockages that conceal and limit your sense of aliveness, creativity and personal power. When you better understand and explore the inner structures and patterns of thought and feeling that color your view and understanding of the world, you can begin to address what is holding you back and why. You can begin dissolving limiting patterns and discover a new sense of energy and life.

A great deal of our work will consist of integrating the mind (thinking) the heart (feeling) and the body (acting). The majority of human beings are used to living their lives inside their own heads, operating with very little emotional awareness and even less awareness of their bodies. When your three centers – thinking, feeling and acting – are integrated, you can begin to live within a state of congruence as life flows more effortlessly. The process of self-discovery can be difficult and intimidating, which is why the coaching programs at In-depth emphasize finding the right balance between challenge and support. It is within this point of equilibrium that your personal growth can take place.

In depth Developmental Mindfulness Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs focus on helping you develop in your areas of need, recognize and reinforce areas of strength, and highlight blind spots. We offer a variety of coaching programs and packages, with each individually tailored to meet your specific needs. Once we complete your initial assessment meeting , we’ll design a developmental program that includes readings, mindfulness practices, body practices and journaling followed by an adjustment session. In addition, and depending on your desired level of commitment, we can meet via Skype, phone or in person one or more times each month.

You may still have questions or concerns about developmental mindfulness coaching…

I travel a lot and don’t have time for a coaching program…

Coaching through In-depth is designed to work around your demanding schedule. Whether you are short on time, you travel for work or you just live too far from our office to come in on a regular basis, our flexible coaching program offers an individualized route to personal development.

I want to feel like a valued client. I don’t know if I’ll feel that way in the coaching program…

When you begin one of our coaching programs, you gain access to the same resources as clients who come in for more traditional weekly sessions. While you are provided additional resources to use independently, you are able to set up Skype, phone or in-person meetings as often as you like. It’s personal development and mindfulness counseling on demand.

Won’t people think I’m depressed or judge me if they know I’m in a coaching program?

Our coaching programs are completely confidential. Your pursuit of personal growth and development is an investment just like going to the gym or reading books. Besides, many successful individuals have utilized life coaches and career mentors to help them lead a more productive and fulfilling life.

Experience the Benefits of Mindfulness

If you are ready to experience personal growth and development, or if you would like more information on In-Depth Developmental Mindfulness Coaching programs, please feel free to call us at (415) 547-0608 to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

Please be advised that Coaching is not psychotherapy. Although we do offer psychotherapy at In-depth wellness, and will recommend it if we see it is necessary, our coaching programs are not meant for the diagnoses or treatment of psychological disorders.