Manuel Manotas Psy.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 26343)

We all go through challenges in our lives. Whether you are suffering or seeking personal growth, working with the right therapist can help you learn the practical methods and perspectives you need to realize your true potential. I see counseling as a unique opportunity to explore, bring to light and begin dissolving the known and unidentified conflicts and inner psychological blocks that affect your behavior and wellbeing.

In my early twenties, with the help of therapy and meditation, I discovered a sense of being present and open that propelled me to my career as a therapist. This presence and openness allows me to feel your difficulties while providing new perspectives for your particular issue. I place significant emphasis on helping you become more comfortable with difficult emotions and uncertainty, a factor essential to continued growth.

My aim is to find the optimal balance between supporting you and challenging you; between practical application and depth of awareness. Because what good are deep insights and understandings if you do not apply them in the world? And what good do you accomplish when you take action without any understanding or purpose to what you are doing?

While many therapists focus on a singular method of counseling, I understand that each client requires a unique approach. It is rewarding to discover solutions collaboratively with clients. As we work together toward your counseling goals I will adapt my approach to best support your development. Your current patterns of thought, emotion, and interactions with others may be deeply influenced by your subconscious interpretation of desires, past influences and present situations. By understanding how your past has shaped your present behavior you can learn how to live in the now. There is a big difference between looking at the past to understand its influence on the present and dwelling on it.

In our sessions, we will work together to recognize and understand your self-defeating thought patterns. When you learn to accept a position of not knowing, you gain the ability to look inward and appreciate the present, away from your external circumstances. I offer a safe, supportive counseling environment where you can feel comfortable experimenting and getting to know yourself.

Many clients seek counseling because they feel disconnected, although they may not be able to explain exactly why. Your goal in seeking counseling may be to become more aware of your mind, body and emotions and learn how to integrate these into your work and personal life. I place emphasis on experiencing the present, using breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises, to help you develop an experiential and kinesthetic understanding of yourself. We all have our intellectual perception – the way you describe yourself in your own head. Learning how to directly experience yourself without the filter of the mind can be a powerful first step in living in the present.

One of the largest influences in my practice stems from my own experience and personal process. My own therapy, the study and practice of meditation and my commitment to a spiritual school have deeply shaped the way I view myself and what it means to be human. A great deal of my personal work has consisted of seeing through past influences and the internal representations I held about reality and my sense of self. I am not what my parents think I should be. I am not my past. I am certainly not my old wounds. The truth is I am open to the idea of not knowing who I am. Because that sense of not knowing carries endless opportunity.

Counseling is a relationship built on trust, and that can take time to build. I approach each session with a willingness to be as open and present as I can possibly be for my clients. This creates a safe environment and encourages open communication, allowing me to adapt to your particular needs. My personal experience, clinical impressions and training form guidelines, rather than instructions, to support your development.

Manuel Manotas earned his Psy.D. and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies; and his BA in Psychology from Florida International University. He is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with additional training in integral coaching, mindfulness based stress reduction and Somatic Experiencing . He has been published in the International Journal of Stress Management. He is a regular topic expert contributor in the good therapy blog. He speaks fluent Spanish and English.

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