Couples counseling can help you to manage conflict, improve your connection, and restore the vitality of your relationship. Our couples therapists are trained to help couples to foster greater levels of intimacy, trust, and fulfillment as well as develop the tools needed to navigate conflict effectively. We foster the development of communication skills, emotional intelligence, and the capacity to identify what it is you need in order to maintain a healthy and satisfying connection.

In Depth couples therapists are competent in serving a diverse array of couples, including those who are married or unmarried, LGBTQ, monogamous, or in open relationships, and a range of traditional or alternative relationship styles. Our approach is non-judgmental and we work with couples across the spectrum of sexual diversity. We tailor our approach to the unique needs of each couple in therapy. Whether you are experiencing a major challenge or would like to fine-tune specific areas in your relationship, counseling can provide the support to make lasting changes.

It is common that either a crisis or major life transition, such as marriage, children, career change, or a loss in the family can place strain upon your relationship. Couples therapy can help you break out of old patterns, develop new means of communication. Collaborating with your partner in couples therapy can support resilience in your relationship in the face of challenge, whether related to stressors of daily living or significant life transitions. Call us today at (415) 547-0608 to find out more about couples counseling.