Do You Suffer from Debilitating Fear and Anxiety?

Does your mind constantly race? Do you regularly have a flurry of negative, catastrophic thoughts that fill you with fear and panic? Perhaps anxiety is hindering your ability to function on a day-to-day basis. Do you struggle at work, find yourself unable to concentrate and obsess over minor things? Maybe you’re experiencing a deep sense of dread, vulnerability and fear that you can’t seem to shut off. Has your anxiety begun to manifest physically though a racing heart, nausea, excessive sweating or shakiness? Do you wish you could find balance and inner peace? Anxiety appears in many forms and can cause debilitating symptoms. Your anxiety might be ongoing and something you’ve struggled with for years, causing you to experience persistent fear, dread or worry. Or, recent anxiety may be a result of a specific, highly stressful event or situation in your life. Anxiety may also be caused by difficult relationships with your partner, colleagues or members of your family. For example, you may become obsessed about whether you are living up to your spouse’s expectations. You may also fear that any small misstep at work will get you fired.

You Do Not Suffer Alone

In our nonstop, busy culture, it’s not unusual for people to become preoccupied with worry about their ability— or, rather, perceived inability— to live up to others’ expectations at work, at home or in our society. Like so many others suffering from anxiety, you may hold yourself to extremely high standards and feel devastated when you don’t meet those expectations. Anxiety is extremely common in the U.S. and the majority of people who seek therapy suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. The good news, however, is that anxiety is one of the most commonly managed and treated mental health conditions. With the help of a professional, well-qualified and experienced therapist, you can successfully mitigate symptoms and find that inner peace and balance you are seeking.

Anxiety Treatment Provides Both Immediate and Lasting Relief

Whether you are struggling to manage the pressures of daily life or find yourself constantly worrying about the mistakes you’ve made over the years, anxiety treatment can provide relief. Our therapists at In-depth will tailor your anxiety treatment based on the severity of your symptoms, your history and other variables in your life that are causing you to experience persistent worry and fear.

In sessions, the focus will be on understanding how anxiety is manifesting in you. Furthermore, we will help you develop coping skills through the use of mindfulness and other self-soothing methods. Developing a mindfulness practice and using diaphragmatic breathing allows you to experience more compassion for yourself, accept the present moment as it is, become more aware of your thought patterns and really begin to understand how anxiety affects you physically. Treatment will also focus on uncovering the underlying causes for your anxiety symptoms by understanding past influences, childhood and relational patterns. This process of self-exploration requires a deep level of commitment from you. However, developing clarity around the sources of your anxiety and learning how to manage triggers can have long-lasting effectiveness. Through the development of mindfulness and self-knowledge, you can begin to feel calmer and more in control of your life. Your anxiety can become more manageable, making daily tasks, work and family responsibilities and proper self-care enjoyable again. With help, you can begin to foster harmonious relationships, reduce your level of anxiety and start living the life you want to live.

Although you think that you could benefit from anxiety treatment, you still may have questions or concerns…

I don’t want to explore the deeper roots of my fear and anxiety. I just want to make the symptoms go away. Can’t I just take a pill?

In order to have lasting change, you cannot simply mask symptoms with medication. It is important to develop the capacity to tolerate and then manage anxiety symptoms that occur in your body, emotions and mind. Often, people avoid addressing their anxiety symptoms thinking they will go away on their own, only to find that avoidance exacerbates those symptoms. However, by developing an increased awareness about your anxiety and understanding the underlying cause of the symptoms, anxiety can slowly lose its grip over you. In cases of severe, debilitating anxiety, a medical evaluation can help. In that case, we will refer you to an appropriate, well-qualified medical professional and work collaboratively with them to help you find relief.

I’ve tried anxiety treatment before and it didn’t work…

Just because anxiety treatment didn’t work in the past, doesn’t mean it won’t work now. There are many factors that affect how successful counseling will be. Your needs may not have been met with previous styles of therapy. And, a successful outcome requires a good match between you and your therapist. We will work together to make sure your needs are being met.

I don’t have the time or budget for anxiety treatment…

Do you want to continue living with the barriers that anxiety symptoms create or would you like to see a real change in how you feel? Finding relief from your anxiety symptoms can lead to more peace and relaxation in your daily life. Once you reduce racing thoughts and uncomfortable physical symptoms, you can begin to use your mind more productively, create stronger relationships and improve your physical health —saving you both time and money.

Learn to Manage Your Anxiety Symptoms Today

Start managing your anxiety symptoms today. Mindfulness and other therapeutic techniques can help get you on the road to relief. Call us today at (415) 547-0608 for your free 20-minute consultation and you may be surprised at your transformation.